Washer is Overfilling

Okay, back to the pressure switch. Depending on when the hose got plugged, if the tub was full or empty will affect the symptoms of a plugged pressure switch hose. When a washer overfills most of the time it's a plugged hose. To check this and make sure the pressure switch hose is not plugged you just simply need to blow through it. Blow through the hose from the switch side so you are blowing air into the wash tub. Gain access to under the control panel and remove the hose from the back of the load size switch and there you go. At first it may be hard to force air through but it will go. Once the you can move air through the hose connect it back to the switch and test the washer on a small load. If this doesn't work, check the hose for any holes and make sure it's connected at both ends. If that doesn't work, replace the pressure switch.

How to Test a Washer that is Overfiling - Video

If the washer keeps filling even when you shut the timer off, you need to replace you water valve. One of the solenoids have become stuck open and even without voltage will allow water to flow through. This is for the complaint of, "the only way I could stop the water was by shutting off the water going to the washer".