Appliance Troubleshooting Guide

Ok, so your having a problem with your Kitchen or Laundry Appliance.  Before you decide to spend some hard earned dollars to have an appliance technician come in, let's do some troubleshooting first.Appliance Repair Technician

Use the chart below and select the type of appliance that you are working on.

Error Codes

I have done my best to contruct a simple and easy guide for you to follow for troubleshooting just about any repair you may need.  Most repair problems are simple fixes that can be done by the average consumer.

There are cases where it would not be wise to try and fix it yourself without the proper tools and training.  In cases like that, it's ok that you are not able to do it yourself.  That's when you have to make a decision to call someone in to repair it or replace it if it's not worth it. 

Repair or Replace

There are many things to remember when you are troubleshooting your broken appliance.  Safety is one of the biggest.  Always unplug the machine you are working on to avoid being shocked.  Always use common sense.