Refrigerator is Not Making Ice

You may be at the early stage of defrost problem.  The ice maker needs to be at a certain temperature to make ice.  If something is going on inside the freezer and the temperature is to warm, No Ice production.  Try putting a thermostat inside the freezer to see what the temperature is.  It should be at least Zero.  If not, turn the temperature of your refrigerator to the next coldest setting inside the freezer.  Let it go for a day and see if the machine starts to make ice.

The Fill tube for the Ice Maker may be froze.   There is a tube that runs up the back wall of your fridge and enters the cabinet through a hole right behind the ice maker.  If you look at the ice machine inside your freezer you will notice a tube entering it from the rear wall.  This is the tube I'm talking about.  Inspect the tube carefully with a flashlight to see if it's blocked with ice.  If so, there's your problem.  Use a hairdryer to thaw it out and your machine will be making ice before you know it.

If the tube feeding the ice maker is solid round. Like a paper towel roll. Cut a slit along the top of it to prevent it from freezing up again.

Check your Water valve for any loose or bad connections.  On Whirlpool and Kenmore style ice makers you can easily check the valve using the hole in the front of the module.  Watch this video below to show you how to do a quick test on your valve.  This is assuming that the fill tube is not frozen and you have verified that water is getting to the water valve.