Washer Not Draining

Washer Drain Pump

The washer's drain pump is what your washer uses to remove the water from the wash tub. Some washers have an electric pump and some washers have a pump that is connected directly to the motor or run off of a belt. The most common reason a washer will not drain is because something has become stuck in the pump and will not allow water to go through.  This could also prevent the washer from spinning.

Washing Machine Electric Drain PumpElectric Drain Pump

 To test an electric water pump is not a hard thing to do.  Getting to it is always harder than checking it.  It only has two wires running to it from the timer or control board. When you put the washer in spin cycle you should have 120 volts AC to the pump. To test this you will need to use a Multimeter. If you are getting voltage to the pump and the water is not draining you need to check the pump for any restrictions. This will require you to remove the hoses from both ends of the pump. Anything could be stuck in the pump from coins to the underwire of a bra. That would be the most common reason for the no drain complaint. If there is nothing blocking the impeller from spinning then you will have to replace the pump. So if you have voltage and no drain and no restrictions, replace the pump.


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Direct Drive Washer Drain PumpDirect Drive Drain Pump

This type of pump is connected directly to the drive motor for the spin cycle. This means it has no wires going to it and doesn't require power to run. So if this washer is not draining then it might not be spinning either and the main motor could be bad or you could have a bad lid switch. If however the washer is spinning and not draining then there is something blocking the water from getting into or out of the pump. To check this you will have to remove the pump from the motor and make sure nothing is inside creating a restriction or preventing the water from flowing through.

Belt Driven Washer Drain PumpBelt Driven Drain Pump

This type of pump is not connected to the motor like a direct drive washer.  It also has no electrical wires going to it.  It doesn't need power to run.  It runs off a pulley on the bottom of the pump connected to the pulley that goes around the motor.  A common reason these types of pumps stop draining is due to a restriction.  The other reason would be if the belt is worn out and cannot spin the pump.