Range / Stove Not Working At All

Below are a list of parts that can go wrong with your Range and cause it to not work at all.  The problem we are talking about here is when you have no lights or anything that work on your stove.  This includes the oven not working either.

Circuit Panel BoxFuse Panel

Usually this problem is associated with a blown breaker in the fuse panel box in your house.  This is the first place to check when you're diagnosing this problem.  Even if the breaker doesn't look kicked, you still need to reset it.  Then check your stove for power.  If you still have fuses in your panel, you will need to check the fuses to see if they are blown or not.

Stove CordCord

The next thing you would want to check is the cord that is connected to your Range.  Check the end that plugs into the outlet and also check the end that is connected to the stove at the terminal block.  Make sure the prong end does not have any discoloration or heat damage.  Check the other end, looking for burnt wires.  Loose connections will cause power cord failure.

Stove ReceptacleReceptacle

Now you would want to check the outlet that the stove plugs into.  See if you have the proper voltage at the termals in the box.  You may need to remove the cover of the outlet box to check for burnt or damaged wires.  If there are any signs of heat damage you would want to replace the outlet box.  If the stove is hard wired in, you are not going to have a box to check.

Range Terminal Block for Electric StovesTerminal Block

The terminal block is the part of the stove where the cord or house power wire connects to the stove.  If a cord was loosely connected, this will cause damage to the wires that go to the terminal block.  If these wires are damaged you will need to repair the damaged wires for the stove to get the proper voltage.