Dryer Taking Too Long To Dry Clothes

A common problem with most dryers are long dry times.  This may go undetected for a long time until it gets to a point where you think your dryer is just wore out.  Most people just run the clothes through twice and don't worry about it.  This uses more electricity and wears out your dryer's moving parts faster.  Below are a few things you can check to increase the speed your dryer can take the moisture out of your clothes.

Lint Filter

Dryer Lint FilterThe lint filter must be cleaned between each load of laundry you do.  This removes the lint from the clothes and prevents it from restricting your dryer vent hoses, that vents the dryer outside your home.  If the lint filter is plugged with lint, air cannot pass through it and your clothes will not dry effectively.

Dirty Dryer VentsVent Hoses

Over time your dryer's vent hoses will become restricted.  There is always some lint that will get by the lint filter and into the vent hoses.  This needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, every year or two.  Plugged hoses can cause your dryer's thermostats to prematurely fail and need replaced.  Poor air flow in a dryer will cause many issues with heating and drying.

The Dryer's Internal Vents

Inside your dryer there are vents that also become restricted.  Even if you are cleaning the lint filter regularly and keeping your dryer's vent hoses clean and restriction free they will block up too.  It would be a good practice to clean the dryer on the inside at the same time you have your dryer vents cleaned.

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