Dryer Not Running At All

Below are the most common reasons a dryer will not run at all.  Basically the problem you are having is when you press the start button, nothing happens.  Follow the guide below to find the problem and repair it.

No Power

The first thing you want to do is make sure your dryer is getting the proper voltage for it to run.  If the dryer is electric, it will need 220 volts AC to run correctly.  A gas dryer will only need 120 volts AC.  Locate the breaker in your house to the dryer.  Reset it then test the dryer to see if it runs.  If your dryer runs at this point, good to go.  If not, read on.


Dryer CordInspect the cord for burn marks or damage.  Check the end with the prongs that go into the outlet.  If they appear discolored, replace the cord. It may become a fire hazard if left go.  Check the end of the cord that goes to the dryer itself.  Look for any burnt wires or loose connections to the terminal block.

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is a small white thermostat on the blower assembly inside the dryer.  When this trips, the dryer will not start.  This is telling you that you have a problem with airflow and will not allow the dryer to run.  You must replace the thermal fuse when it trips, it's a non-resettable fuse.


The Timer is what sends the power to various components in the dryer.  If there is malfunction within the timer, this could cause the dryer to not run at all.  This is basically the main control center for the dryer.

Motor -

Troubleshoot your Dryer Motor

The motor is what spins the drum on the dryer.  There is a belt connected to it and it tumbles the clothes so that they can dry more effectively.  If the motor is burnt out or if there is a problem with the motor switch, the dryer will not start up.

Door Switch

The dryer door switch is what tells the dryer that the door is closed and allows the dryer to start up when you press the start button.  The dryer will not run with the door open.  If there is a problem with the switch that tells the dryer the door is closed, it will  not run.

Broken Belt Switch

Some dryers are equiped with a switch that tells the dryer that the belt is broken.  This switch will interupt the power to the motor and cause it not to start, or shut off in mid cycle.  This switch is usually located near the motor and is activated by the idler pulley.  If there is no tension on the pulley with the belt, the switch will not let power to the dryer motor.

Start Switch

This is the button you press to start the dryer.  This sends voltage to the dryer motor and allows it to start up.  Once the motor is started it gets power from the door switch and other components.  If the start switch is defective, the dryer cannot start.  This is an easy component to test and repair.