Dryer Does Not Tumble

These are the things you would want to check first if you have a dryer that is not rotating when you press the start button.  These checks also apply to dryers that also sound like they are running but are not tumbling.


Usually this is the first thing you would check when your dryer is not tumbling.  The dryer's belt simple goes around the drum and the motor pulley.  There is an idler pulley and it keeps the tension on the belt to prevent it from slipping on the motor pulley.  Overloading the dryer can cause your belt to burn off by creating too much tension.  Replacing the dryer belt can be a tricky task.  It will require you to remove the entire front panel of the dryer to get the new belt over the drum.  Then you will need to install the new belt around the motor pulley and idler pulley.


Check the motor.  You will have to use the motor's wiring diagram under the control panel area.  You will need to check the motor for the proper voltage.  If the motor is getting the proper voltage when you press the start button, and the motor doesn't come on, you have a bad motor.  Sometimes when a motor is going bad, or on its last leg, it may stop mid cycle.  The motor will not start back up until the motor has cooled.  You would also need to replace the motor to repair this type of problem.

Idler Pulley

Idler Pulley for a Clothes DryerThe idler pulley is what keeps the tension on the dryer belt so the motor can rotate the drum.  If the bearing in the pulley are worn, this will cause too much friction on the belt and cause it to break.  Lint will also build up on the pulley causing the grease to dry up.  This will make your dryer squeak.  Shortly after that you will start to break belts.  Replacing the pulley will take care of this.  The pulleys are inexpensive and need replaced along with the belt to keep your dryer running smoothly.