Energy Saving Tips for your Dryer

Every consumer likes the idea of saving electricity. Not only is it good for the environment, but also for our pocket books. Some of the largest consumers of electricity in your home are your appliances. This includes your electric clothes dryer. The following is a collection of simple tips about how to save electricity when using your electrical clothes dryer.


1 Clean the Lint Filter!

This idea seems so basic that everyone groans when it's suggested. but take it very seriously. Cleaning theWhirlpool, Kenmore and Kitchen Aid Lint Filter dryer lint filter after every load is probably the simplest way to save energy. Even a small amount of lint on the filter can restrict the airflow, which causes the dryer to compensate by running longer.

2 Auto Heat.

If your dryer has an Auto Cycle learn how to use it properly. The auto cycle compensates for the size and type of fabric that is being dried. Energy is saved because the drying time will be adjusted to insure the clothes come out dry in the least amount of time.Dirty Dryer Venting

3 Clean venting.

The dryer venting should be cleaned every year. Lower the venting and clean out any lint buildup. Also clean the venting cap that direct the airflow outside. Lint will collect in the cap, plus the outside louvers that open and close whenever the dryer operates. Any venting restriction will slow airflow, which in turn slows moisture removal from clothes, and increase the drying time.

4 Anti static sheets.

If too many are used in the dryer at one time they can block the lint filter. This restricts airflow and causes the dryer to overwork and run too long. Remove the old ones from the dryer before adding any new ones.

5 Switch to front load washer.

When it’s time to replace the washer consider a front loader. They spin at a high speed, which removes a lot more moisture than the top load style. This means less time required to dry the clothes. The standard drying time of 60 minutes drops to 30 minutes when a front load washer is used.

6 Door seal.

If large amounts of lint are present at the door deal after every load then consider a new door seal. Air and heat may be leaking past the seal. To test operate dryer with full load of clothes. Use hand to feel around the closed door area. If any air movement is felt suspect this as a problem.

7 Lint filter housing.

The housing that holds the lint filter can become coated with old lint. This restricts airflow and wastes energy. Remove filter (first disconnect dryer from electricity, or turn off breakers) and use a vacuum cleaner or narrow brush to remove any lint buildup at this location.

8 Variable electrical rates.

If your electricity provider charges less at certain times during the day consider changing your drying time to the less expensive periods. Most companies charge lower rates after 8:00 pm. By simply doing your household drying after this time of night the savings can be substantial. But, as a safety issue, don’t operate the dryer while you are out of the house or asleep.

All clothes dryers begin their life as an energy efficient appliance. But, as they age their efficiency can drop off drastically. Be aware that to maintain their efficiency these machines may require some basic maintenance. Therefore if the clothes come out damp, or the machine becomes noisy, seek professional help. As a homeowner the best thing you can do save energy is follow the tips above and keep the machine as lint free as possible.

Copyright 2007 Donald Grummett